Ultimate Best 13 Sport Shoes to Treat Plantar Fasciitis in 2019

A recent study showed that the Nº1 preferred and most effective treatment was wearing supportive footwear. The survey was done to more than 10.000 patients suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

In this article we have outlined the best sports shoes and sneakers in the market for both Men and Women, so keep reading!


Why wearing the right footwear is important to treat your plantar fasciitis?

We understand how you feel – heel ache caused by walking or standing too long feels like you’re pressing on a bruise every time you take a step. And even though the ache gradually goes away, it will still return to you in the evening. But there is a solution – wearing the correct footwear.

You may ask Why? Well, because the only other way to feel no foot ache is to lay in bed. If you have responsibilities, duties, and suffering from foot aches just doesn’t fit in your schedule, then wearing proper footwear is a must.

But then you may ask: what is the difference between regular shoes and the right ones. The main difference is in the support of your ankles, heels and arches which the running shoes provide. It’s important to feel comfort in those parts of your foot so that your condition doesn’t get worse and will make walking and running as painless as possible.


What should the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis have?

There are four main factors which the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis possess.


  1. Stability.

Each person has a unique stride, thus the way the foot strikes the ground is also different among people. There are three types of strikes – overpronation, neutral, and supination. Overpronation is when your foot’s arch rolls inward, supination is the opposite – your arch is focused outward. The perfect running shoe for plantar fasciitis can adapt to your condition and to provide either a higher or a lower midsole to support your arch.


  1. Support.

This means that the shoe must be able to support the three parts of your foot – the heel, the arch, and the toes. An ideal trainer does this by using materials, like foam and filled textiles, which wrap around and provide little room for your foot to glide in. This is important, since unsupportive shoes lead to less control for you and will exacerbate your plantar fasciitis condition.


  1. Cushion.

Shoe’s cushion is basically its ability to disperse the force upon impact. This factor is important for treating plantar fasciitis, the more cushiony the shoe is, the less pain you will feel when your foot touches the ground.


  1. Manufacturer.

The bigger the company, the more money it makes, which it can use to invest into making more reliable and satisfactory products, along with a wider range of products to choose from. Well-known brands offer guarantees on their shoes and have easier return policies in case the shoe isn’t right for you.

Below, we have made up a list of the 13 Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis for MEN & WOMEN




  1. ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe


The ASICS GEL-Venture 5 trainers are great for everyday use, they provide excellent support for your feet. The GEL cushioning system makes every step easier and, in general, these shoes do their best to make your strolls more comfortable for you.


    PROS (+):

    • The soft and thin inner fabric helps your feet to feel comfortable inside, it covers and protects all the spots, where skin irritations or blisters can occur. The upper part of the shoe is covered in mesh material, which allows your feet to stay dry and fresh throughout the day. The synthetic fabric is close-fitting, it wraps around your foot and provides firm support.
    • The midsole of the shoe is made of EVA foam, a special type of material, which is very durable and pleasing to step on. The mid-sole covers all three parts of your foot: the toe box, the arch, and the heel. It absorbs the shock caused from stepping on different types of terrain. The GEL cushioning system meant primarily for the heel of the shoe gives cushioning, while running or walking on tough surfaces.


    CONS (-):

    • Few users note that while responding well to most terrains, the outsole of the Venture-5 does not handle wet and slippery surfaces very well, causing the owner to not feel stable on wet and icy floors.




    1. Merrell Women's Siren Edge Hiker



    These hiking shoes are designed particularly for women’s unique foot shape and manner of walk, providing quality support and stability. 


    PROS (+):

    • The midsole of the shoe is made of EVA foam, which secures and stabilizes the foot, giving it the perfect support and comfort when needed. The midsole combined with air cushion in the heel part of the shoe is great at absorbing shock and at minimizing the force, upon impact. The lightweight nylon shank is flexible. It allows for the foot to move naturally, without reducing the support of the arch, following a lower chance of foot fatigue.
    • The synthetic and mesh upper body of the shoe provides unique support and stability. The 3D print on the side of the shoe adds extra support, without increasing weight or reducing breathability. The Siren’s tongue firmly wraps around the foot and prevents the dust and debris from entering inside.


    CONS (-):

    • Unfortunately, some owners found the Merrell Siren Edge’s to have little softness in the heel area, causing the wearer to feel uncomfortable while walking on hard surfaces.




    1. ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe


    The ASICS company has been developing and innovating their Nimbus running shoe series for the past 18 years, with both: productivity and comfort in mind, in order to make their next model perform better than the former. The Gel-nimbus 18 Running shoe is a combination of lightweight, excellent durability and comfort.


    PROS (+):

    • The GEL cushioning system supports the heel during ground contact, resulting in a soft, shock-free landing. The Asics’s unique High Abrasion Rubber provides a long-term duration and effectiveness of the outsole. The forefoot is also taken care of, thanks to the DuraSponge technology, which adds cushioning and does not impact or reduce the high flexibility of the shoe.
    • The Nimbus’ upper unit is covered in light, breathable mesh material, which helps to keep your feet dry and cool on hot days. Meanwhile, the soft texture of the mesh material reduces the chance on skin irritation, making them safe to wear without socks.


    CONS (-):

    • Some bearers noted that the 18th model of the Asics Nimbus felt much tighter than the previous models, claiming that there is little room in the toe box.




    1. Hoka Bondi 5 Women's Running Shoes - SS17



    The Hoka One One company claims that the Bondi 5’s are the most cushioned shoes that they offer to their customers. The new version gives your toes more room to play around, supports your foot arch, smoothers your landing and keeps your feet refreshed at all times.


    PROS (+):

    • The engineered bevelled heel on the Bondi 5’s is not only designed for a smooth heel to toe transition, but also adds durability to the outsole of the shoe. Meanwhile, the midsole is fully supported with the EVA cushioning system, which gives a satisfying walking and running experience.
    • The new innovations in this model include a wider toe box. A great number of users lauded the extra room in the front of the shoe, but not to the point where it felt loose. This change should be admired by those who feel uncomfortable wearing tight trainers.


    CONS (-):

    • A few runners noted that the tongue is irrationally placed and rubs against bare skin, causing irritation.




    1. Brooks Women's Ghost 9



    A soft, plush interior and breathable upper mesh featured in the latest women’s Ghost 9 trainers, along with Brooks’ signature foam cushion provide a smooth ride, making each day less painful and more pleasurable.  


    PROS (+):

    • The Brook’s signature foam BioMoGo covers the full length of the midsole, providing durable, constant and responsive cushioning. This also makes the heel to toe transition smoother. A newly installed crash pad, which is indeed very durable, effectively absorbs the shock, caused by steps.
    • There has been a major improvement in the 9th model of the Brook’s Ghost, which provides better breathability to your feet. The outer shoe material is made of mesh, which takes good care of your feet keeping them fresh on dog days. Additionally, the mesh is overlapped in the right spots, creating a perfectly balanced pressure on your feet, making the trainer enjoyable to wear.


    CONS (-):

    • A disadvantage of this model is little room in the toe box. Some users complain that this causes their toes to continuously rub against the inner material of the sneaker, which later forms an irritation.




    1. Orthofeet Women's Plantar Fasciitis, Orthopedic Shoes



    These women’s shoes have been designed especially for those who suffer heel pain. They offer a relaxed fit and protection of the painful pressure points, making your stroll painless and smooth.


    PROS (+):

    • The insoles are engineered with a unique Ortho-cushioning system, which provides a comfortable stroll, softened step and enhanced stability for those, who suffer plantar fasciitis, which is achieved by an ergonomic sole with air cushioning. An exclusive feature of this model is in-built gel padding in the heel, giving you extra comfort while walking.
    • A lenient inner fabric and a wide toe box help your feet to feel relaxed inside.


    CONS (-):

    • A couple of owners found the arch not being very supportive, causing pronation, leading to an uncomfortable feeling in the center of the foot.





    1. ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes


     ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes (2)

    The Gel-Keyano is a traditional running shoe, but its qualities, such as higher support and extra cushion have made it popular among non-athletes. Physicians often recommend these shoes to people who feel foot aches.

    PROS (+):

    • The Keyano 24’s offers a long-lasting performance which can be characterized by the midsole’s ability to reduce the shock caused by impact and the support for the foot’s natural gait.
    • The heal counterpart is enhanced to provide the most comfort and the tightest support for your heel.


    CONS (-):

    • The toe-box feels rather tight, there’s not a lot of room to move your toes around.


    1. Hoka One One Arahi



    Hoka One One Arahi are perfect shoes for walking or running long distances. Their thick and durable sole provides room for extra cushion, and that extra cushion provides the best support for your heels, which allow you to cover longer distances feeling no pain.


    PROS (+):

    • The Hoka’s provides a comfortable feeling whilst wearing, the foot feels natural inside, brining you a contented feeling when running or walking.
    • The shoes’ design makes them more breathable and easy to put on.


    CONS (-):

    • The area around the heel is not tight which causes the shoe to feel a little loose in the heel.


    1. Quantum - Men's Performance Fitness Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


    The Quantum’s are ideal for people with plantar fasciitis. Just like memory foam, the shoe copies your foot’s edges and adapts to you, giving you a pleasant walking experience. The upper body is made of light material which allows your feet to breathe. These shoes are designed to be used daily, thus they are very practical.


    PROS (+):

    • The shoe does not suppress your foot ability to breath, the fabric quickly transports the moisture to the outer body and dries fast enough for the moisture not to accumulate in the shoe.
    • The cushion possesses the ability to adapt to your foot’s edges, giving you extra support in the midsole and the heels.


    CONS (-):

    • The area of the shoe where the toe is located lacks cushioning.


    1. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

     Brooks-Mens-Shoe-for-plantar-fasciitis-treatments (4)


    The Adrenaline GTS 18 provide great comfort, midsole support and flexibility. Their lightweight and flexibility make them practical not only during running, but during day-to-day use too.


    PROS (+):

      • The foot feels remarkably stable, especially in the heel, which does not glide and stays place while you are exercising.
      • The midsole has an excellent support for your foot during the transition from the landing phase to setting your toe off the ground


      CONS (-):

      • The sole’s rubber wears off quickly.


      1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 18

       Brooks-Shoe-for-plantar-fasciitis-adrenaline (5)


      The Adrenaline GTS 18 provide great comfort, midsole support and flexibility. Their lightweight and flexibility make them practical not only during running, but during day-to-day use too.



      PROS (+):

        • The sole of the shoe is durable and performs well on rough surfaces.
        • The hardened foam-material of the midsole protects your foot from pronating too much and keeps the structure of the foot stable.


        CONS (-):

        • There’s an area in the back of the shoe, where the heel isn’t secure, due to the softness of the cushioning material, which causes the heel to slip around while running.


        1. New Balance Men's 990v4

         new-balance-running-shoes-for-men (6)


        A well-known brand, which never fails to impress us with its products. The 990’s series is not an exception. The shoe is among the most durable ones of the list due to its textiles and design. They offer great breathability and have the perfect combination of cushion and support.


        PROS (+):

          • The quality of the trainers’ production and the materials themselves last long and equally perform after a long period of time.
          • The dual-density foam gives extra cushioning while maintaining the support of your foot.
          • The New Balance’s provide breathability for your feet due to the vents in the design.


          CONS (-):

          • The solid design of the shoe makes them less flexible while performing outdoor activity.


          As you see, there are many products to choose from and the companies try to do their best to make their shoes the most enjoyable for you. Some of the models here will be replaced by the newer versions, but it doesn’t mean that the latter will be better than the former. Carefully investigate each option and good luck deciding! We genuinely hope that your next pair of shoes came from this list and that it will help you to treat your Plantar Fasciitis.



          Plantar Fasciitis is a common occurrence which is typically credited to long-distance runners, but people with uncomfortable and unsupportive footwear may also suffer from this condition. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones, do not worry – there are many ways to treat plantar fasciitis, and in this article, we have discussed the most common and the most reliable way to relieve your heels from pain, and that is wearing the right footwear. We have shown you why wearing the correct footwear is a crucial part of treating your plantar fasciitis. And lastly, we have provided you with our TOP 13 recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis for 2019.

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