Ultimate Guide 13 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis for 2019

The pain associated with Plantar fasciitis is hard to bear (no pun intended). In fact, Plantar Fasciitis, the most common cause of heel pain is absolutely no joke. It causes shooting and stabbing pains when you take steps on the affected ligament making walking virtually impossible.

Perhaps, one of the most tragic elements to this condition that seriously affects mobility is that those most likely to develop the condition are often very active people.


Long-distance runners, as well as those who race around or stand all day, are among those most commonly affected. Many people from manual factory workers to chefs and restaurant servers are diagnosed with this excruciatingly painful condition that if severe is debilitating.


The newly diagnosed are often aged from 40 to 70 and when you are very active, a loss of mobility is a very bitter pill to swallow. Of those diagnosed, women are affected slightly more often than men.


How to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain

There is no pill that your doctor can prescribe that will get rid of Plantar Fasciitis. For that matter, neither is there a treatment that is guaranteed to relieve Plantar Fasciitis pain. The pain varies in severity from one sufferer to another, but if it's severe, it can be life changing.


You may have to change employment and even be forced to retrain. In addition, because the pain makes walking painful you may miss out on many active pursuits you once enjoyed whether it be alone or with family and friends. All of this can make it a miserable condition to cope with.


In a recent survey, a group of more than 7 thousand affected by this condition were asked which treatments they found to be the most effective and you might be surprised by the results!

Source: + 7.000 users Facebook Page "Plantar Fasciitis Talk and Tips Support Group"


In all 27 treatments were given as answers in this extensive survey as people have tried almost everything to get rid of plantar fasciitis pain!


There are lots of takeaways from this survey and what works for one may not work for you but there are certainly lots of things to try to help.


A little-known treatment that will relieve plantar fasciitis pain in some patients is magnesium. A dosage of 200mg should be taken with 1000- 1500mg of calcium at bedtime. Don't expect to get rid of plantar fasciitis overnight with this method but in six weeks the supplements should begin to alleviate symptoms.

While the condition is serious enough to warrant the prescription of NSAIDs and cortisone injections, it's reassuring that rest is one of the best ways to help the pain.


Of course, a supportive partner who will carefully massage your tender feet and heels is one of the best sounding ones on the list!


But the survey revealed that the best way to get rid of plantar fasciitis by far was a supportive pair of shoes. And it's due to these statistics that we've taken the time to find out the best women’s sandals for plantar fasciitis sufferers.


Just because you have a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, however, does not mean as a woman you have to give up on fashion. While you may have to resign yourself to the fact that high heeled stilettos are probably out – we've found some of the best sandals on the market that will have your feet sighing with relief and jumping for joy!




1. CLARKS Women's Arla Elin Slide Sandal


We love these on-trend sandals from masters of comfort and style giant Clarks. These sandals have a 1-inch platform heel and a heel height of 1.75 inches for those that like a little height. They are part of the Clarks Cloudsteppers program which means the cushion soft technology delivers comfort all day long. They also effortlessly flex for easy movement and are made of microlight materials. The sandals are available in six attractive colors and depending on the color and your shoe size you could pick up a bargain of up to 70% off!


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2. Vionic Orthaheel Technology Rio Women's Sandal


Vionic really can make a solid claim to being one of the best sandals for heel pain. If your feet hurt in every other shoe, then don’t lose hope - give doctor-recommended Vionic sandals a chance. With their biomechanical design, Vionic shoes and sandals hug your arches just like a natural footprint. You won’t believe just how comfortable and life changing these sandals can be if you are suffering from severe pain with Plantar Fasciitis.


These sandals will appeal to many with their 70s feel and retro wedge. Once again it’s worth checking out different colors as you might be able to pick up a deal with over 50% off on some colors and sizes.


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3. Spenco Women's Breeze Slide Sandal



The Breeze Slide was designed to help the athlete's post work out to aid recovery. They also make an ideal sandal for heel pain. It's likely that if you've been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis your doctor will tell you to find a comfortable pair of slippers or indoor shoes. In fact, in the survey “never going barefoot” was a popular answer for how to relieve plantar fasciitis pain. With that in mind, we think that these breathable flat slippers make a great choice. They are also an affordable option too. The price does vary for these sandals with an orthotic grade support but it's possible to pick up a pair for less than $20.

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4. Reef Womens Sandals Slap 3 | Athletic Sports Flip Flops For Women With Soft Cushion Footbed | Waterproof



A more athletic offering from Reef, these sandals are waterproof and are great if you are out and about during the summer. They are not the prettiest of the bunch, perhaps a little masculine, but they deliver and I do mean deliver on comfort. If trips to the beach and the water park were off your agenda due to pain from other flip-flops then these Reef flip-flops will get you enjoying the activities you once loved again. Available in aqua or black, they have excellent reviews and you can pick up a 30% saving depending on the size and color.

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5. OOFOS Women's OOlala Thong Flip Flop



OOFOS have designed these flip-flops with tired and stressed feet in mind. The patented footbeds will cradle your feet and reduce exertion felt in the ankles. The OOfoam absorbs impact and relieves sore feet, knees, and back. OOFOS flip-flops are not just waterproof but machine washable too! Reviewers say that all this technology feels like walking on pillows and marshmallows. All this technology makes them the perfect everyday sandal for heel pain sufferers. 

There is a huge range of 19 different colors to choose from and depending on the size you could bag a bargain and walk away with a 30% discount.

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6. Vionic Womens Pacific Toe Post Sandals



Once again, we can’t recommend these Vionic sandals enough. If you are at your wits end with pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Vionic shoes and sandals can end pain and restore your mobility finally. Vionic combines revolutionary support with stylish design to give you all-day orthotic support. Where even expert podiatric care and cortisone injections fail, Vionic shoes and sandals can and do succeed!


They come in a simply stunning range of fashionable designs. They have 2-inch platforms elevating the podiatrist designed footbed and come in neutral shades as well as hot pink and red leopard. Vionic can be a little pricey but again you can easily pick up a deal of up to 70% off in certain sizes and colors.

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1. OOFOS Unisex Original Thong Flip Flop




Choosing OOFOS sandals along with its revolutionary OOfoam cushioning technology will be the perfect decision for people living with plantar fasciitis. They have been tested and innovated to decrease the duration of the recovery from the Heel Spur Syndrome and any stress targeted on the heel.


PROS (+)

  • The OOfoam technology leads the market with new and improved cushioning foam, which absorbs up to 37% more impact than the standard cushioning sole. OOFOS achieves this by eliminating redundant layers of fabric between the foot and the ground, leaving only foam to fill up the space. Merely all customers that purchased OOFOS sandals praised them for their comfort.


  • Apart from their impressive ability to absorb impact, the OOFOS flip flops help your feet to eliminate fatigue much more quickly. Specially designed footbed helps you to recover after a long day of putting pressure on your feet as well as after the gym, as noted by a dozen owners.


CONS (-)

  • The only negative feature of this shoe according to some reports is its insufficient durability. Numerous owners, after 6 to 9 weeks of continually using the sandals, noted the outer sole tearing apart from the body, causing it to fold on the carpet. Some found rips on the side of the shoe after using them for the same period, as mentioned above.

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2. Spenco Siesta Canvas Slide Sandals




The simpler the better. There’s no better way to describe these shoes. Unlike the previously mentioned OOFOS flip flops, these offer a simple, comfortable and most importantly practical design of the sole, delivering satisfaction and pleasure with each step that you take.

But there are two things, which make these shoes stand out.


PROS (+)

  • Firstly, the footbed is made of cork. It may seem silly, but almost every single one of Spenco’s customers, which have bought this model, lauded the comfort, which the cork provides. In addition, a small triangle curve (metatarsal dome) in the middle of the shoe, which has been specifically designed for and bears the function of supporting your arch is too worth mentioning.


  • Secondly, the style of slipper. We try to stay away from judging the shoe based on its looks, but boy, this slip-on is a pretty looking one. The slip on come in four different colors, which combine a classic and a casual look, making them cut out for looking fresh and feeling comfortable.


CONS (-)

  • Surprisingly, or perhaps intended, there aren’t a lot of low ratings for this footwear. The most common problem, which the customers tend to “suffer” from is not corresponding shoe sizes. A lot claim that the pair that they ordered came either in a wrong size, which is a problem of the distributor, or it came in the size, which they ordered, but it didn’t match, which is a problem of the manufacturer.


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3. Propet Vero Slide Sandal for men



These men’s sandals are ideal for day to day strolls. The leather material sewed together keeps the sandals intact and the synthetic foam-padded footbed ensures comfort for the foot. The rubber outsole assures good traction on different surfaces.


PROS (+)

  • The Velcro Strap featured on the Vero Slide’s is designed for those, who suffer from irregular or swollen feet. Now, in order to get a better control over your feet, you can simply adjust the length of the strap. A loose feeling of the slipper won’t be a problem anymore.


  • As some owners noted, do not be misled by their clunky appearance. Even though the inner lining is made up of small pieces of fabrics stitched together, it’s designed to feel as one, taking care of your skin. Even if you’re not wearing any socks, it protects you from rubbing against the fabric and irritation.


CONS (-)

  • Some people, who bought these sandals felt little arch support. But this is something which depends on the owner, if they strap the Velcro too tight, there will be too much force focused on the arch, causing it to bend inwards and, basically, flattening the feet. Loosening the strap will help on most occasions.

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 4. Footminders Baltra Sandals



    Footminder’s sandals are designed for people with flat feet and ortho problems, but their universality and practicality will be adored by everybody. These slip-on have a lot of features, which are impressive for flip flops since similar ones can be found in expensive trainers.


    PROS (+)

    • The footbed is designed to give maximum support and comfort to your arch. Little bumps, which are spread across the sole help to maintain a fine grip and give your feet a massage when you walk. This protects your feet from fatigue and relieves the pain, caused by heel spur.


    • Providing proper stability is also an addition, which Footminders can boast about. Their deep heel cups give massive support to your heels while tightly hugging them. This leads to a balanced and stable stroll.


    CONS (-)

    • A small number of owners mentioned that the fabric strap feels loose, in some cases causing the sandals to slip off the foot. Some noted the colour wearing off in wearing them for a long time under direct sunlight.

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    5. Vionic Tide Toe-Post Sandals




    The ultra soft, flexible and lightweight Vionic sandals are biomechanically designed to take shape of your feet, relieving them from the pain caused by plantar fasciitis and helping you to get back on track as soon as possible.


    PROS (+)

    • The EVA midsole, biometrically designed to support your arch, does just that. Owners claim that the footbed memorizes the shape of your feet. The EVA foam midsole then adapts to the drop of your heel and to the rise of your arch, creating a comfortable, pain-free environment for your feet to move around in.


    • Excellent fitting and correct sizing is another thing which Vionic’s customers praise these shoes for, although some the shoes aren’t sold in half sizes, the product description recommends you choose a shoe, half size lower.


    CONS (-)

    • The crowd’s biggest concern in this model is the string strap which in some cases is too narrow for the foot to come through. The string is made from tough, inflexible fabrics which unfortunately do not stretch for your feet to fully slide in. Some buyers are not happy with the middle strap, which goes between your toes, saying that it irritates the skin.

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    6. Orthofeet Alpine Sandals



    There aren’t a lot of times when customers were left disappointed after buying Orthofeet products. Orthofeet’s Alpine Sandals aren’t an exception. They offer astonishing arch support. The carefully designed shape and fabrics of the sandals will take care of the pressure points and deliver a relaxed and comfortable fit. The orthopedic foam insole softens each step that you take. Let’s investigate them closer.


    PROS (+)

    • Work excellent with flat feet. Numerous customer reviews mention that these shoes are amazing if you have long, flat or wide feet. The sizing is correct and corresponding. The Velcro star ensures that the sandals will stay on and the adaptable insole will take an inverted shape of your foot and support the arch while you move.


    • Multiple straps around the sandals lock down the feet in one place, but without putting extra pressure or increasing the pain. The goal is to eliminate any feeling of looseness, making the sandals complete with your feet, providing a natural and easy walk.


    CONS (-)

    • There are two things, which some owners found unappealing and neither one of them has to do with the quality of the product. The first one is the price. The sandals cost a little over USD 100 leaving some people upset. The second one is their unattractive design. But if you’re not worried about the style and care more about their effectiveness, than ignore the last con.

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    Final Thoughts

    We hope that our review has helped. We'd love to know if you've tried any of these sandals and any others that have helped with Plantar Fasciitis pain.

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